eCupp MarketPlace Online shopping Network provides a huge selection of consumer products. We provide accessories, books, electronics, household items, computers, apparels and much more.  The eCupp Stores Marketplace helps buyers to acquire the best quality merchandise.  Also, sellers the opportunity to market their goods with lower overhead cost.


Marketing Services

Dream Works

“If it’s going to be, It’s up to you”. Taking your business seriously can bring abundant success. Keep in mind that a plan without a goal is only a dream. We are dedicated to helping our partners and associates achieve their goals by providing information and techniques relevant to their success., is full of exciting promotional ideas and videos to assist with your project/s. We also provide digital services to create your own websites and products to help you grow. Unleash your inner power and begin to crystalize your thoughts for a better future. Make it work!

Web Hostings


Abn-Webcentral was built to compliment Alabye Network in its quest to accelerate and dominate the Domain and Web Hosting business. It soon became a major player as it serves to create and anchors a wide range of services.  Abn-Webcentral also expanded to offer a unique business opportunity in web products and hosting services for anyone to supplement their income.  The company if growing at a fast pace and its service is well worth using, helping with your business or profession.

Website Creation

Dr Schacter  DMD, PC

This is a small, effective website to provide information and interaction with patients.  We build this site to help Dr. Schacter prosper, showing the world the best Periodontal Surgeon in Westchester, New York. The good Doctor is proud of his work, but most importantly he is quick to help others with their dental or periodontal problems.  We strongly support Dr. Schacter as we applause with this creative project.