Every time you visit Alabye, you will learn of mega-trends that will help give insight on achieving prosperity.

We have explored extensively to build a system that will be supportive in your quest for financial freedom.

Our Focus on Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, business opportunities plus other products and services will help improve your bottom-line. Ever been in the right place at the right time?  This powerful and user-friendly system is designed to help you, step by step in creating wealth online by either saving on discount shopping or earning money with our affiliate program.

When you shop on Alabye ecommerce Marketplace, you will experience superior quality goods at affordable prices.  We also provide live, courteous customer service support 24/7.

Who we are: is a Domain Services and Web Hosting company that help professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and self-employed individuals gain online exposure through their own Website or Web Store. Alabye offers affordable Web Hosting, Email Plans, Domain names, Website Designs, ecommerce Web Store, Marketing Tools and much more for your online success.

Our Mission:

Our mission, a call to action is endowed in training, mentoring new and established entrepreneurial minded individual in creating and operating successful ventures.  We engage in the ultimate building process, cultivating added values and creating the dynamics for professionals and e-Commerce in the online community.

Our call to action is systemic with achieving real result from life’s dream.

Our Story

Alabye was created by an entrepreneur, a legendary Service Provider who spent decades in the financial industry. In 2007, after the decline in the banking system and massive failure of banks and other financial institutions, Alabye was launched. Since then, it has been serving many people in the online community and has been part of the internet revolution.

The Insiders

Understanding our customers need is fundamental to serving you well.  Each and every-one is unique and different based on their problems. Our dedicated team recognize your situation and apply the solutions without hesitation.  Quality customers care is our #1 priority.  You can count on us to deliver with pride, quickly and courteously.

Morgan Patrick

Founder & CEO

Everyone likes a winner.  We care about your success.  Our development and service team are always at your service.

Ivan Odderman


Keeping you informed and well ahead of the crowd. Our goal is to keep you on target and help your business grow.

David Trudea

Chief Engineer

Team work makes the dream work!  Besides user friendly, we are Tech Savvy. We will get your project done quickly and efficiently.

Next Steps…

We are more than happy to assist with your next project. Call or email us anytime to request a quote or schedule an appointment.

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Be the first to know when our album is released on iTunes and Spotify

We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.